What is the delivery time of my order?

Depending on where you live, shipping takes between 10-30 days. All orders are processed in bulk to ensure free shipping and premium quality products.

Where can I find the app to control these lights?

You can download the app by scanning a QR-code (which can be found on the product) with your phone. Alternatively you search the app store for 'LED BLE'. 

How long does it typically take to install these lights?

Installation of the light strips typically takes between 2-5 minutes. The 3M-mounting tape ensures a long lasting hold.

Which payment options are available?

Payments can be processed through PayPal, Credit Card or IDEAL. Please note: In case you place your order using IDEAL, your account will be charged in USD. Please contact our support team so that we can refund you the difference in payments. Apologies for the inconvenience,  we're working on a suitable solution



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