How to Install

Step 1:
Unpack the Carbience lights and put the power plug in your 12V power socket (sigaret lighter). A red light should appear on the power plug and the lights should turn on (red colour). When the lights do not switch on immediately, please click the button on the power plug. 

*If the lights do not work, please contact our support team (

Step 2:
Great, your new Carbience LED Lights are working! It is time to create an ambience in your car. Lay down the lights and search for the two strips that are the shortest. These are the strips that will be placed in the front of your car. The two longer strips will be placed in the back of your car. 

Step 3:
Carefully remove the double-sided tape from the back of the first strip. Find an area above the gas pedals that is somewhat smooth and carefully stick the LED strip to the area. To make sure it will stick, press firmly for about 10-15 seconds. Repeat this process with each of the LED strips.

Step 4:
Great, the lights are almost installed! In order to get rid of the wires, you can usually lift the cover-part on the sides of your floor mats. You can hide the wires there.

Step 5:
You are almost ready to enjoy the new ambience in your car! Just one more step to go. Either scan the QR-code on the product with your phone, or download the app 'LED BLE' from the app-store. When installed on your phone, open the app to see the control panel. On the left side (in the app) you will find a 'menu' icon. Please click this icon and hit the 'refresh' icon on the left. The app is now scanning for bluetooth devices. Please make sure that your phone is not connected to any other bluetooth devices! When it finds the lights, you are all set and done. It is time for you to enjoy your lights!

*Edit: We are currently working on a full 'how-to-install' video which will be uploaded to this page! 




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