This is Carbience

The average American person spends 840 hours of their life sitting in their car. That is more than 2 years of our lives! We couldn't believe our ears when we first heard this, yet it didn't came as a surprise. Having spent quite some time in the car ourselves, we couldn't help but notice the extremely boring ambience in our cars. The question why most car manufacturers didn't offer any ambiance interior options kept haunting us. 

One day, one of us brought up the issue of boring car interiors and we simply couldn't stop talking about it. Eventually we agreed that there are three essential factors that define the ambiance of a car interior. The most important one being lighting. Inspired by luxury sedans, we found that coloured lighting massively improves the general 'mood' in your car. The second one is scent. A lot of people really love the commonly known 'new car scent', while others may enjoy a tropical scent, or even a fresh eucalyptus scent. The third element is infotainment. Nowadays, everyone expects to have the comfort of connecting their phone to their car. May it be for playing music of making a phone call, the infotainment features in a car have the ability to provide a lot of comfort in your everyday commute.

Carbience L.L.C. is build with these three essential elements in mind. We made it our mission to help people improve the 2 years of their lives that they spent in traffic by providing external options that greatly improve the mood and ambiance of their car. Offering a variety of lighting options, magnificent car scents, and infotainment options, Carbience L.L.C. is set to be the leader in our field.



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